This is a forum that helps you build a brand
driven by the right ideas & strategies


Why the name? This is an ideas pub and like most pubs, it’s a place where you hang out with old friends and make new ones.

One key ingredient to becoming successful is getting your audience to hear your voice, understand your message and take favourable action. This applies to building business and well as personal brands and that’s the primary purpose of this community.


Every month, we consider different topics, facilitated by people who understand what it means to thrive and make their voices heard. People who already have a voice in their respective endeavours and are willing to share their experiences and inspirations.

There’s so much in the jar and we’re very much excited for what is about to happen in the nearest future.

Be a part

This is a community of business owners and everyone with a big idea. It’s a forum that helps each member build brands driven by the right ideas and strategies. We will like you to join us.

Featured Guests

We’ve had the privilege of hosting a few phenomenal minds and we looking forward to having more.

  • Jimi Tewe
  • Adeoye Adekoya
  • Laf’up
  • Olumide Adeleye
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